1. Creating Required Pages: At first create 3 pages ( Usually . One for Check Out page and another is Shopping Cart page. Put the short code to these pages like following image. For Shopping cart page add [wpmp-cart] short code, For Checkout page add [wpmp-checkout] short code and finally use the short-code [my-orders] for the orders page from where customers will able to see their orders after they made purchase.
  2. Basic settings: There are six basic settings need to configure.

    1. Select base country from drop down list under basic settings of the
    2. Also select allowed countries (where you want to enable your shop) from
      next list.
    3. Check auto generate product page option to generate product page with
      product images, prices, add to cart button automatically like following
      image. But don’t check it if you are using our themes.
    4. Select a page as cart page where you added the [wpmp-cart] short code.
    5. Select the check out page where you added the [wpmp_checkout] short code.
    6. Check this option, if you want to redirect the visitor to the cart page
      after they add a product to cart
  3. Create your first product:
    • Follow “Add Product” sub-menu from Marketplacemenu:
    • Type Your Products Title, Description, and choose  one or more  Product Type ( you can create product type/category going to “Product Types” menu under “Add Product” menu ):
    • If Digital Products ( such as, Games, Software ) check the “Activate” check box under “Digital Products” metabox:
    • Enter Tax Info:
    • Pricing Options :
      Price : Set the product’s numerical price or base price to charge your customers. Eg, 10.24
      Sales Price : Should be lower then base price but greater then 0 value. If you set this price, it will overwrite the base price:
    • All done! Hit publish to finalize the product:


  4. In case if you see 404 error for product page or product type page at front-end : If your product has not been displayed just go to Settings – Permalinks and just press Save Changes button.
  5. Add to navigation menu: Go to WP Admin >> Appearance >> Menus:

    Add product types, products as menu item in your navigation menu using WordPress menu manager to browse products from front-end

    from version 1.8.7 “product type” term renamed as “category”

    If you do no see Marketplace and Product Types menu selection meta boxes, just click to the screen option of top right corner of the screen, check Marketplace and Product Types check box.

  6. Enabling users to add their products from fron-end (If those pages already not created automatically):
    Simply use short-code [wpmp-frontend]
  7. Use the short-code [wpmp-all-products] for listing latest product in a page. Here you can control image width and products per page using parameter “imgwidth” and “perpage”. so if you want to apply 250px image width and 15 products per page, you need to write the short-code like this: [wpmp-all-products imgwidth=250 perpage=15] .

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